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What’s Your Bottom Line on Engagement?

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ImageI was recently involved in a major PR campaign tender, and one specific requirement from the client which struck me most was “to acquire XXX number of LIKES online”.

I knew exactly why this requirement was up there, after all, wouldn’t the number of fans / likes be an indication of the level of the campaigns’ buzz and interest? Or better still – Engagement? And by far, is quite the norm from enterprise clients these days.This trend is worrying. It’s merely scratching the surface on engagement, and a dangerous quantitative proxy to measure the success of digital PR campaigns.

Victorinox, makers of the legendary Swiss Army Knives know too well that fan acquisition can work against you, when fans themselves participate in digital gamification. Their twitter campaign to acquire 3,000 followers slowed to a crawl in the last hurdles, because Victorinox wanted to reward the top 3 folks who helped acquire the 3,000. No impetus for others to join when the followers reached 2,990. 

So what then is the desired engagement bottom line? To me, it’s all about the QUALITY of engagements, conversations, and relationships. What you want is to segment and delayer engagement beyond the surface, and go deeper.

Case in point, RunKeeper is a positive example. Where digital conversations on twitter are positively toned, personal and encouraging. A quick scroll on their twitter dashboard gives you the vibes that their audience are remarkably happy and truly engaged to the RunKeeper brand and experience. 

Here’s the icing on the cake. The conversations and engagement don’t stop there. It’s become a global phenomenon that local grassroot RunKeeper community meetups are occurring. Till date, there are 1137 global communities. So like minded, passionate people are physically meeting up to participate in a shared activity, and in a positive circle, influence and spread their passion to other potential participants.

10,000 fans acquired on an enterprise social media account will not be able to replicate this genuine, qualitative engagements.

So the next time an enterprise boasts of its fan base, you have every right to say,”It’s not the quantity, but the quality of your engagement that matters”.



Social Media “Indigestion” – A Tipping Point in Communications

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Among the constant stream of social media statistics that have rolled out, one particularly stood out for me in 2011/2012 –

“73% of people think employers overshare on social media”

I think we’ve reached a tipping point in enterprise communications, where enterprises become increasingly reliant on social media, where audiences are correspondingly more battered with asymmetrical information, or NOISE, as we call it.

Corporate marketers are jostling for Google Adwords space, PR folks are outwitting one another to run more interesting Twitter Campaigns, Facebook is increasingly crowded with 800 million followers and with advertisers hounding them with more messages. Talk about INDIGESTION.

It’s insanely crazy. I wonder what happened to direct f2f engagements? I wonder if the all too important aspect of direct communications has been marginalised? I hope not, because I know for sure that the time tested principles of Relationships and Stakeholder Experience are most influenced through bread and butter, personal communications.

For enterprises, it’s always important to take stock of where you’re heading in PR & Branding in today’s dynamic communication landscape. Don’t be too razzled when everyone says “social media is great”, because that’s when you know it’s time to reconsolidate and head the other direction when everyone is missing the point altogether.

So as the saying goes, “too much of a good thing never goes well”.

Social Media Statistics 2012

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Social Media Statistics 2012

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